ZasLuke HDMI to VGA Gold Plated Active Video Adapter Cable 1080P HDMI Digital to VGA Analog Converter Cable (6 Feet/ 1.8 Meters)


  • Brands ZasLuke
  • Product Code: FBA_XF028
  • Availability: 999

Maximum Supported Resolution 1920 x 1080 (60Hz).Cable contains a built-in active HDMI to VGA converter chipset, no other adapters needed

This converter adapter connector cable enables connecting newer HDMI-equipped devices (digital signal output) to older VGA analog signal input monitors and projectors. It does not work in the opposite direction, and is not a bi-directional adapter

The converter adapter connector cable chip requires sufficient power from output HDMI port.We have tested this converter cable with most of the devices,it is not for use with Apple Mac systems and Blu-ray players.

This product is ideal for converting and transmitting digital signal from HDMI devices (Laptop, PC, Xbox, DVD, TV Box, Nintendo Switch) to analog signal VGA devices (Monitors, Projects, TV)

This converter add a 2nd monitor or display to your PC/Laptop effortlessly. It is ideal solution for presentation, conference, expanding your working space.Plug & Play no need extra HDMI or VGA cable, no driver installation needed.



1. This HDMI to VGA cable is not a bi-directional cable adapter, you can only connect an HDMI output to a VGA input,VGA does not support audio transmission. 

2. This adapter cable requires a powered HDMI port,the Apple TV, Blu-ray players do not provide enough power over the HDMI port to support this HDMI to VGA cable. 

3. This product DO NOT support Blue-ray, PS3, PS4, NOT compatible with Apple and Sony Devices.

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